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A guide to writing research papers on Sociology
Characteristics of a good research paper
Writing a research paper becomes a more manageable task once the writer understands the typical features of a good research paper. A good research paper will demonstrate a solid understanding of sociological concepts and terminology. It is advisable to own a copy of the ‘purdue owl asa’. The writer has to apply the terms to social institutions and phenomena. The research paper should reflect the writer’s interpretation of the topic and the theory and concept related issues. The writer needs to read and evaluate the previous and current research on the topic and record his understanding in a structured manner with the right order on the flow of information. Extensive care must be taken to ensure no grammatical errors and to follow asa Purdue Owl. Effective communication is the hallmark of a good research paper.

Writing difficulties on sociological topics & overcoming them

• Simplification - Thinking that there are only two sides to an argument – A thorough study will reveal that there are other sides. On the owl Purdue asa issue, the write will have to examine the whole range of theories and understand them.

• Definitive Statements – American Sociological Association writer is not expected to make a definitive conclusion on the analysis; it is enough elucidating all the problems associated with the topic rather than concluding. This emphasizes the need for the writer to read about all theories.
Extent of reading

While writing on an American Sociological Association aspect, it is essential that the writer explores the entire range of diverse aspects associated. For a major research paper, it is recommended that the writer should read at least 15 references. Please note that the internet is of limited use in this regard. It is better to look for interesting connections between the ideas. For example, if the topic is ‘media & gender’, the writer might tend to read first about media and then about gender, the idea to look for topics on ‘media & gender’ combined may fail to occur. 

To get over the difficulties of understanding, here are a few tips:
  1. Use a dictionary on asa owl Purdue
  2. Get another introductory text from the library
  3. Practice reading strategies
  4. Join a study group
  5. Write notes

Style of writing in Purdue owl asa format

It is always recommended to adopt a formal, non-journalistic style. Care must be taken to avoid emotive and judgmental language. It is better to assume that the audience is a well-educated and intelligent reader. Purdue owl asa format writer should be a critical observer and take a stand outside individual emotional responses. It is better not to use ‘the first person’ narrative, that is, the pronoun ‘I’. The writing style should clearly reveal that you have understood the topic. In this context, the writer should be ultra-aware about plagiarism and ensure that the final effort does not have any plagiarism. 

Using evidence 

While writing on sociological topics, evidence to support the stated assumptions or views are essential.The evidence will be from Purdue owl asa citation theory, empirical studies and concrete examples.

Structuring an argument

In essence, as per the American Sociological Association, the research paper should answer the specific questions set. It should have a clear line of argument.

To summarize, the writer must read as much as possible, evaluate the American Sociological Association theories, provide concrete examples.

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