Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Scientists pull off a miracle by converting plastic into liquid fuel

According to the latest reports of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, days, when the World would be using fossil fuels, will be far from over. Not a shocker to the Scientists though.

The Coal and Gas supplies will be running dry at an alarming rate.


Scientists estimate 2025 to be the year fossil fuels peak, but will soon be followed by a major decline, enough to wipe it off of the planet. The same entity that caused the Iraq-America furore, the same phenomenon which kickstarted Dubai’s tax-free economy.

While suggesting so, New Energy Finance also pointed towards the huge potential that Solar and Wind energy sources and how the world will already have established a renewable-based lifestyle that would be coming at a price much cheaper than its fossil fuel ancestors.


Even so, the predictions and the numbers don’t seem to stop a Chinese body of research where a group of scientists set a precedent recently for the many experiments that are likely to take place from this point forward, in efforts to convert plastic waste into useful energy.

In a recent journal named Science Advances, the Chinese research team published their study on how they could successfully transmute Polyethylene into a fossil fuel

About as much as 100 million tonnes of plastic gets created every year, and almost one-tenth of it (8 million tonnes) is dumped into the Oceans in the same year. But that’s not quite the problem.

But that’s not quite the problem. Problem is what happens after. Debris from Plastic can sustain any climatic condition for tens and thousands of years.

That means, if you bury your plastic coca-cola bottle in your backyard, and if a descendant five generations down your lineage picks it up, the plastic would still be there, safe and sound.

Now imagine such stuff being consumed by an actual living being. All of those videos showing turtles with plastic deposited deep inside their nostrils and the plastic wastes cut out from the fishes’ viscera are a direct cause of what humans have been dumping onto the Ocean floors.


Obviously, the idea to convert plastic waste into something humans can actually use, has crossed the minds of several researchers for centuries and has been tested out too but was futile.

What’s more interesting, is the chemistry of Polyethylene (Most common type of plastic). Polyethylene is made of fossil fuels.

The main challenge to address in the previous efforts was the insurmountable stability of the single atomic bonds that make up plastic.

Scientists went ahead and tried to melt it, burn it, twist it, but all they got was a contaminated disarray of wax, char, gas, and oil.

Reason being, the extreme temperature (400 degree celsius) to which the plastic used to be subjected to in all the previous experiments.

But now, Mr.Zheng Huang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences along with his team tried out a new technique that did not involve such high temperature for breaking down plastic, but instead, let certain catalysts do this job at a lot lower temperature.

Plastic gets heated to about 175 degree celsius, following which, a first catalyst joins in on the actions and sets apart the hydrogen atoms from the carbon atoms. These isolated carbon atoms again form double bonds with each other, but these bonds get taken care of by a second catalyst whose exclusive job is to break those Carbon Bonds.

This is done repeatedly to finally extract liquid fuel.

So, the huge shift in the heating temperature for the conversion highlights the low amount of energy required for the new Chinese technique.

But of course, there are downsides. The Catalysts are expensive and they wear out quickly by doing a relatively smaller part of the job.

And the process occurs at a slow pace, taking about four days to get the job done.

However, I can’t resist the urge to say this…

Although in this case, it would be EVERY man’s treasure!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Irritatingly slow wifi melting your brain ? Boost Wifi Signal now!

Like I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, Battery life and WiFi are the two most important things for survival in the tech era. There is nothing more irritating than slow speeds, bad reception, and other Wi-Fi issues. We’ve already seen how to improve battery life. In this post, let’s check out some tips to boost WiFi signals at home.

1.Out with the old, in with the new

It is likely that your old router is giving you much of the WiFi connectivity problems. Replace it with a new one and watch your issues vanish.

2.Location, location, location!

If you hide away your router in some corner of the last room in your house or keep it below several layers of material, you are obstructing the signals and weakening them in this process. Try placing the router in a central location such as your living room or in a room where you are most likely to use the internet a lot. also, keep your router off the floor and place it on some high shelf or wall mount it.

3.Point your antennas

Certain routers with external antennas can upgrade for a high-gain antenna. They can be separately purchased from amazon.com and the likes. One more step is to change the position and direction of the antennas. Most work better if the two antennas are perpendicular to each other. i.e one horizontal and the other vertical. Make sure they are not blocked by anything.

4.Your router hates competition

Look around the router to see if you have any other electronics like cordless phones, microwave ovens or Bluetooth enabled devices. Get rid of them and place them elsewhere. They are causing bandwidth interference. If you cannot relocate them, invest in a good dual-band router that is not  much affected by interference.

5. There are certain open source software tools like DD-WRT  that can hack your router and help unlock the full-potential of your router. They also provide a ton of security features and boost your transmitting power. You could try them out.

6.Bust those thieves

If your WiFi still seems slow, chances are that someone is hugging yours. Keep a check on unauthorized access by creating a strong WiFi  WPA security password. You may know that WEP and WPA/WPA2 are security algorithms that keep hackers from breaking into your network. However, WEP is known to be less secure. So switch to WPA/WPA2 as soon as possible.

If you want, you can also hide your WiFi’s presence to outsiders. To do this go to access point’s admin page and uncheck “Enable SSID Broadcast.” Now your WiFi’s name will not be visible to any passer-by.

7. Make your transmission Stronger

Apart from having just a simple router, a repeater or a wireless bridge (also called an Ethernet converter) is used to get better reception for wired devices. They extend your coverage without the trouble of more cords.

8. Limit devices using your wifi 

The fewer devices your WiFi has to support, the faster it can transmit signals. You can do this by creating a device access list of MAC addresses. Media Access Control creates an identifier for each of your devices. Find out your devices MAC addresses and got to your access point’s configuration screen and set which addresses get the green light.

If all else fails, buy a WiFi repeater which is a piece of hardware you can use to boost the signal between the router and your device. While following these tips, be careful when meddling with your router as some may void its warranty.
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Send Money From Whatsapp Without Any Requirement Of Bank Details

Send Money From Whatsapp: Now a days as the technology is being developing day by day thereby providing more new ways to sending the money. More Smarter the technology is been more easier the way to use it been provided. More easy ways to send the money by just being connected to the internet there is facility called as Online Banking that facilitates the transfer of money over the internet and there also apps that facilitates to sending of money like pay atm. The Debit card arrival had reduced the time waste as the person with the Debit card can withdraw money from anytime and anywhere as ATM centers is present in all over the world

Now the more newest method of sending Money is been introduced with help of WhatsApp. I Hope all of us been very familiar Social Media Giant Company WhatsApp which has been Hired by Face book Company.

The Main concern of us is to teach the people about how people can transfer money without any Bank details through the Social Media WhatsApp. You can now without knowing the bank details can directly send money to desired by using WhatsApp. The new feature is been added to WhatsApp so that it can facilities a unique way of sending money. Now the WhatsApp which is actually meant for chatting is now been facilitated with other feature of money transfer. Thereby now WhatsApp will be used for the new purpose.

You have been fascinated with the messages you send and the messages you receive. WhatsApp provided the facility the group chat and ordinary chat there by you will send and receive thousands of messages, images, and videos every day. Now things are been changed you are now going to do a bigger thing that has been ever made on Social Media. The biggest thing you will now do is the Sending the money to your needy friends through WhatsApp.

A new app has been launched by the Axis bank. The new app launched by Axis bank is named to be as Ping Pay. The App “Ping pay” is cash payment app which links with social media. By using the Ping Pay APP you can send money using any type of social media.

By using the Ping Pay APP you can both send money to a friend and request money from a friend. You can also ask or send the Recharge for mobile across all the Top Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS or Email.

By these applications, you can easily all your home bills and other bills, pay for pizza simply with a ping. With these apps you can pay the money to people through facebook, Twitter, SMS or phone and you can send a detailed message to them every time you pay.

A lot of options is been facilitated for sending the money

1. You can pay money to your contacts through Facebook.
2. You can pay money to your contacts through Twitter.
3. You can pay money to your contacts through Email or Phone.

How To use the Ping Pay APP? How send to money with the help of it?

First, you need to download the Ping Pay application from the store(For Android devices the app will be available at Play store, For IOS devices the app will be available at APP store)
Select the recipient or desire friend from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or ay and then link your axis bank account to it.

The Bank credentials are Required to link the account with the Ping Pay APP
Then you need to set a four digit pin code and you need to send money.
Then you need to share these ping code with your desired friend using any of the Social media.

How to receive money by using Ping Pay APP

The desired friend who has to want to receive the money can download and register on the Ping Pay just simply clicking the link shared by the friend through social media platform.

The friend who is been sent the money is with the existed Ping Pay account.
On entering the ping code along with the required bank credentials. The desired friend can directly get money credited into his/her bank account.

Ping pay app is been the secure and easiest way to send money through WhatsApp.
Ping pay is most secure as it authenticates the bank account during the initial transfer of money.
The multiple or duplicated login attempts will not be tolerated by Ping Pay.

You can download the ping Pay App from the below links 

For Android devices:Download
For IOS devices:Download

So enjoying sending money over the social media with more securely. There are by Ping pay app saves our valuable time and however, we can easily manage it. It allows us to pay all the bills and the needy money to others.
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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Samsung New Transparent Safety Trucks Can Now Make Driving Much Safer

Samsung new transparent Safety Trucks: The world is becoming smarter ad smarter. All of the people probably know about Google’s Driverless car. Google’s innovation self driving car. The Google company is the search engine giant.

The Company Google is been delivering the reports for the car accidents that are been occurring to its vehicles.
The accidents mostly occur under the control of humans. It seems human is been worst of enemies of each other on the road. Most of the people are been dying in the road accidents. A proper initiative should be made to avoid these accidents and responsibility is taken Samsung Company by introducing “Samsung Safety Truck”.

Most of the humans with their vehicle try to overtake the other vehicles on the road. Due to overtaking the major accidents occur. Now Samsungs made an innovation by which such can kind of accidents can be prevented.

The main thing here is the vehicle under human control is prone to accidents. Whereas computer- generated devices will result an in better outcome. The innovated thing Driver less car would better accurately and correctly compare the vehicle under the control of human beings.

The technology for the driver less car is its intelligence equipped by the programmer.Samsung company have no vehicles of their own. But the company in spite of driverless cars by Google have planned the or the truck with a driver and it is a safety first Vehicle.

The Samsung Company’s first innovation of Safety vehicle is be named as Samsung safety Truck. Samsung Company thought can now change the way we travel on the Road Samsung Company wanted to make a difference so they have incorporated their technology in to trucks.

The common features for the Samsung Safety Truck:

A built in wireless camera at the front of the vehicle,
Four Monitors are fixed to the Rare End of the truck,
Monitors with night Vision mode.
Thereby Samsung safety truck will save the life of the people travelling on the roads.

Driver inside the Samsung safety truck can see what is a head and drivers behind the truck can able see what is beside the truck or at the front of Samsung safety truck .There by Driver behind the truck can take a wise decision and can slowly move on the road.

As night vision is facilitated in the Samsung safety truck. The drivers behind the safety truck can able to see oncoming vehicles in the monitors that are been arranged at rear side of truck. Drivers travelling on the night behind the Samsung Safety Truck can able view the traffic in front of them.

The hurry and urgency of the people on the road which causes most of the road accidents and with the Samsung Safety vehicle avoids such incidents.

Unlike The trucks on the highway where the vehicles behind the truck cannot be able to see the oncoming vehicles, the vehicle beside the truck for these Samsung company made a solution for it by Samsung Safety Truck.The main aim of Samsung safety truck is to provide the safer driving to other vehicles on the roads and highways.

Samsung which is been leading in the mobile Manufacturer. Samsung is well known for its technology like latest Smart Phones, Tablets, Refrigerators, LCD TV’s, Washers. Now came with the Samsung Safety Truck.

Samsung Company said that they have tested the ngSafety vehicle with the client in Argentina. Samsung feels Argentina is an ideal place to test the vehicle. Samsung hoping to bring the safety truck Vehicles all over the world. Samsung company is waiting for the approval of its new innovation and after, the approval, thinking to bring it on the large scale.
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Best Chrome Extensions for a richer browsing experience

Google Chrome.The fastest,best, most lucid web browser yet. You can have multiple tabs and each tab can have an individual Google account simultaneously logged-in. It also has an inbuilt adobe play plug-in. But that’s not all ! a quick peek at the extensions menu will reveal that there’s much more in store for the savvy browser. Here are a few of our observed, note worthy chrome extensions that make browsing even better.


The pocket is great for bookmarking web pages that you would like to read or revisit later.


This one’s my favorite. Experience internet without those irritating ads that cover up half of the screen and obstruct the actual content. No more click baits, accidental ad clicks etc. There are many versions of this like ad-block, ad-block plus,ad-block for YouTube, ad-block pro to name a few. Rejoice!

Awesome Screenshot:Screen capture

This will allow you to screenshot all or part of the webpage. It even lets you blur or strike out the sensitive information like username, password. You can annotate, share, save , edit and of course capture anything you’d like. It is the highest rated extension with over 2 million users.


Does your attention shift easily from that work mail to a Facebook update to a video on cute puppies? Stay Focused on this extension. It does exactly that. You can block some websites, set a time limit or set the number of times you visit the site and so on. Maximize your productivity.

Go secure!

In the Online Shopping tips article, we realized how important a secure website is for our sensitive data. So. in order to make every HTTP into a HTTPS, use “HTTPS everywhere” and protect yourselves from frauds and phishing.


Do anything. That’s what it means. It is like the good old fashioned to do list that helps you remember anything that you have to do.


Ugh! This one’s a LIFE SAVER. If you fill out a lot of forms or use your keyboard a lot to fill in information, then this extension is for you! It comes with customization like enabling or disabling auto-fill for certain websites etc.,

Turn off the Lights

The entire page will fade leaving only you and your cinema. This is great if you want a movie theater like experience minus the noise and ads. Go on and grab some popcorn!

Google mail checker

It is Gmail on your screen 24/7. You can see the number of unread as a bubble. On clicking it, your inbox will be opened.

Wandertab by Hitlist

Satisfy your wander lust. Whenever you open a new tab this extension shows one random beautiful destination along with the average price it takes to tour around. This is great for those who have the spontaneity to pack their bags and just go!

Hola Unblocker

If for some reason, you are unable to access a particular webpage or website or even a video only in a particular region or country, then this extension will take care of that for you. It unblocks the content allowing you to surf across the internet without restrictions. Freedom!


If you are one to do a lot of video tutorials, share the screen in a project or even give a lot of presentations, this one’s for you. Screencastify lets you record your screen as you go about navigating, typing etc., This is great because screenshots aren’t as effective as seeing the steps unfold as you play the recorded video.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check out Google Chrome Extensions for lots and lots more of the chrome extensions. Feel free to comment, start a discussion thread or ask queries below!
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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Secure iphone with these easy tricks

We spend most of our time on our smartphones. Be it for fun and entertainment, or carrying out your office work, or to make your life easy using a conglomerate of apps like google maps, artificial intelligence guide, social media apps etc.

So, it logically follows that we literally have our life’s worth information/media stored in our phones. Such a thing needs a little more than personal discretion to secure iphone. It needs virtual protection too. An intelligent system with intelligent settings to prevent anyone and everyone from breaking into or otherwise trespass your smartphone.

So, follow these simple adjustments you can employ on your iphone to give it the much needed fine-tune to secure iphone and keep hackers at bay.

DISABLE SIRI : Siri can be very revealing, if it slips its tongue. Just kidding, Siri never can be attributed to such a thing. It just does what it does the best: say things out loud, with little or no caution. It can reveal a lot even when the iphone is locked. When you are not around to handle your phone, an intruder can ask questions that could certainly disclose a lot of personal information. So, better late than never, just disable siri to secure iphone.

Go to settings -> ‘Touch ID and passcode’ -> turn off the ‘allow access when locked’ option on siri.

TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS : Again, when you are not attending your phone, and even if it is locked, notifications can still be viewed on the lock screen. And imagine, if one of your very intimate acquaintances sent a message, it can be viewed by an intruder by swiping the screen down. It could give away other such sensitive data too. So, turn your notifications off. Check everything yourself.

SET AN UNPREDICTABLE PIN/ FINGERPRINT SECURITY : We can’t stress enough on why you should be using a PIN or a fingerprint security. And, so, naturally you can’t afford to not have a security measure such as this. But what’s more important is to set a totally un-guessable PIN. It can go a long way, because people can be real good at making an educated guess.

According to a study, most common password usages are something like this : 0000 , 1234 , abcd etc.

Use a series that is totally unrelated to secure iphone. It doesn’t have to have a connection.

USE A LONGER PASSPHRASE : The four digit PIN can seem to offer  limited amount of security, given the 1/10000 chance the intruder has to guess the right passcode. I mean, if the intruder tries 100 combinations everyday, he could clearly find the right passcode in / under 100 days. I’m sure, he can wait that long.

Hence, if you need a code that allows for a greater length password to secure iphone, then

go to settings ->  ‘Touch ID and passcode lock’ -> turn off ‘simple passcode’ 

This makes it possible to have a longer password/ passphrase , that will require you to use uppercase words, lower case words, numericals, symbols. Gets all the more difficult to guess.

SELF DESTRUCT YOUR DATA : Desperate times call for desperate measures. And iphone security isn’t an exception. If you are willing to go to great lengths to protect your sensitive information and secure iphone, then it has just the security tool you need.

go to settings -> enable “erase data”.

Doing this will make your iphone erase all data, information on your iphone if the PIN gets ten incorrect inputs. And instead, if you have enabled Touch ID, it will only offer 3 chances to get the right fingerprint, after which, the screen redirects to PIN entry.

DISABLE A SUSPICIOUS APP’S ACCESS : Every time you installed a particular app, it might have asked your permission to access your phone’s camera, photos, or even some sensitive information. So, if an intruder or hacker is using your iphone instead of you, he could run into all such information while using one of the installed apps. It’s the last thing you want.

So, go to settings -> privacy tab -> check which apps have access to what -> turn them off.

All these tricks can account for significantly to secure iphone.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

AI pilot intimidates US Air Force Colonel in simulated combats

Nick Ernst, a doctoral graduate from the University of Cincinnati, who is now the CEO of his startup “Psibernetix”, that admittedly specializes in AI systems development that suits any given need of the customer.

But Nick Ernst didn’t create some graceless Facebook messenger bot. He thought better.

He thought, “Why not create something that could alter the landscape of Air Force combat simulation, pushing actual human pilots to their wit’s end.”

Yup. He did just that.

Now, if US Air Force cadets were anything like Will Smith’s character Detective Spooner from the movie I, Robot , they would severely disapprove of this, developing paranoid seizures at the first hint of the new AI program affectionately named (so to speak) ALPHA.


Nonetheless, here’s the full story.


After squaring off against fellow AI pilot programs last year and winning by a significant margin, ALPHA was set on a collision course with human pilots too.

And the way things were, human pilots barely landed a blow on this nightmarish Intelligence system, in simulated combat environments.

Retired the United States Air Force Colonel couldn’t take the back seat anymore and wanted a piece of the action himself, as ALPHA was already generating quite a buzz in US Air Force hallways.



In the frame, the man himself, US Air Force Colonel Mr.Gene Lee, all nice and comfy.

Just another day at work, finishing his part of the routine at Combat Simulating environment, where he has been furthering his winning streak since the 1980s against the combat AIs.

With good reason, Colonel wanted to put his streak on the line against an updated version of ALPHA, without a moment’s hesitation, given his impeccable record of success in this field.

Fast forward, Mr. Gene Lee couldn’t once shoot ALPHA, instead gets shot down repeatedly in every session that he engaged in.

Not only that, Mr. Gene Lee admitted to being physically exhausted and mentally worn out after his air combat bouts against the ALPHA AI.


At this point, you could be thinking that yes, it may have knocked the retired Air Force Colonel out cold and perhaps it is because his good days are behind him.

Hold that thought.

Because what happened next, was more humiliating. For the human pilot experts, at least.

Human fighter pilots took turns at AI ALPHA, by denying it the full potential of some of its abilities like turn radius, speed, and weapons system.

But that didn’t stop AI ALPHA either from standing tall and vanquishing the human fighter pilots in a clean sweep.


Nick Ernst explains that the AI ALPHA is driven by a genetic fuzzy tree, a variant of fuzzy logic algorithms. Genetic fuzzy tree helps to arrive at a problem by viewing it as a summation of several smaller problems. This way, it develops an isolated understanding of tasks like ammunition, evasion, speed control, missile projectile.

AI weighs all of these parameters against each other, singles-out the tasks it needs primarily and goes about the most strategic plan of action.

And it does all of this at an unparalleled speed 250 times faster than its human adversary could blink.

This explains Colonel Gene Lee’s comment on AI ALPHA, ” I was surprised at how aware and reactive it was.”

“It seemed to be aware of my intentions and reacting instantly to my changes in flight and my missile deployment. It knew how to defeat the shot I was taking. It moved instantly between defensive and offensive actions as needed”.

While such is the unmatched potential of AI ALPHA, US Air Force originally intended ALPHA to be a pilot’s wingman, by acting as an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

So, if that happens, AI ALPHA would go on to be, what a Sniper is for foot soldiers in a war zone.
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